Granite is formed from the slow crystallization of magma below Earth’s surface. It is also one of the hardest substance known to mankind. The uniqueness of natural stone is second to none in terms of appearance, design, durability, colour and hues.
No two Granite worktops will ever be the same as natural stone changes in appearance from block to block, giving it a completely unique appearance from any other kitchen. We at Nile trading are blessed with top suppliers of granite around the word which includes India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, South Africa, stocking almost 100 colours giving thereby giving our customers a world of choice to select their natural stone from. We provide viewing and sample service so you can choose your unique piece yourself at your own convenience!

Whilst every care is taken to upload actual photos of material in stock, Photos are still indicative. Actual pieces may vary in Design/Pattern/Hue and Colour.

*Stock availability updated every 24 hours

*Click on the name of the material to reveal different blocks.  Sizes are apprx.