Exotic Stone

As the name suggest Exotic stones is a variety of natural stone that has a ‘larger than life’ bold, classy and opulent look which separates it from all other domestic use stones. Most of exotic stone are sourced from exotic country Brazil! Exotic stones are mostly Quartzite which is mixture of quartz, marble and granite and dolomite.
Some has more content of Quartzite which some has more Dolomite. Loosely connected their composition is almost safe from colour to colour. Granite element add the hardness, marble does the luxury look and quartz and dolomite add translucent characteristic to the stone there by making this league of stone a piece of art. We at Nile trading source Exotic stones from all over world giving you an array of awesome stones to select from for your dream project. We provide viewing service so you can choose your unique piece yourself at your own convenience.

Whilst every care is taken to upload actual photos of material in stock, Photos are still indicative. Actual pieces may vary in Design/Pattern/Hue and Colour.

*Stock availability updated every 24 hours

*Click on the name of the material to reveal different blocks.  Sizes are apprx.